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We did it!!! 128% funded.... THANK YOU! 
















About it all:


Help me fulfil the ambition of a lifetime and record with an orchestra.

I will be collaborating with composer and producer, Gary Lloyd, to create a double A-side, vinyl single, due for release later this year on Fruits de Mer Records sister label, Regal Crabomophone.

Joining the cannon of musical greats who have recorded Sandy Denny’s poignant classic, Who Knows Where the Time Goes, we will also reimagine The Wisdom - the first single from my self-titled debut album, for what we hope will be a truly memorable offering on the 40th anniversary year of Denny’s passing.

Featuring on both songs will be the Scottish Session Orchestra, made up of hand-picked principals from the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Having recently recorded Gary Lloyd’s Symphony for Equality 2nd Movement - composed in response to Alan Moore’s, Mirror of Love - these world class players and their production company Clockwork Sessions, will play host to Gary and Elfin at The New Auditorium in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall in June.


Recording with an orchestra comes with a cost and we need your help.


By contributing to this campaign, you will not only help me to elevate my career as a musician, but you will also be part of building the Elfin Bow community of people who are looking to make the world a better place with creativity, beauty and meaning.


What We Need & What You Get:


We could have recorded these songs with synthesized strings but this project is all about the real and incredible experience and sharing that with you in every way that we can.


  • With support from the record label, we have manufacture and distribution sorted. As an artist, I will be creating the art and design work but we need £3500 for composing, recording and the production of the final tracks. We will also be documenting the experience for you with a short documentary video by Brian Roberts.


  • For us, crowdfunding isn’t just asking for money; it is a creative exchange. As a reward for your investment, we will exchange a thoughtful gift from a wide range of ‘perks,’ including a white label promo copy of the single, a delicious home-cooked meal with the artist, creative coaching sessions (online), house gigs and more.


  • We are confident that you will get behind this project and that we will smash our goal. All money raised will go towards the recording and production of these songs.


The Impact:


I truly believe in this project and how it will affect other people's lives. I successfully crowdfunded my debut album and made a ton of fans and friends in the process. If you are reading this, then chances are, you’re the kind of person who likes to see others succeed because enabling others enriches your own life too.


I only want to be the best I can be and share my creativity, ideas and vision with the world with quality and finesse. I’ve never been one to do things by halves. When Gary Lloyd said to me, ‘Would you like to record with a 24-piece string orchestra?’ I said, ‘Yes!!!’ Why wouldn’t you strive to follow your dreams when an opportunity like this comes along? In everything I do, I want to be an example, encouraging you to follow your dreams too.


The two songs we are recording are about the very essence of life, appreciating the world and our place in it. They are inspiring and emotional, haunting yet uplifting and certainly life-affirming.


By making a donation, supporting and sharing this campaign, you are joining in my journey to pick up the thread of an opportunity and to see where it leads. You are an essential part in creating something amazing, spine-tingling and unique.

Since bravely leaping off the musical cliff, I have encountered many serendipitous moments that have only added fuel to my belief that I made the right decision to leave a full-time teaching job to follow my dreams in music. Some of the highlights so far include releasing my album with a live session on BBC Radio Wales and two sold out launches in Theatre Clwyd, Wales and the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool; My album getting to number 5 in the Radio Caroline Album Countdown Chart.


Going the Extra Mile:


  • For this campaign, I wanted to go above and beyond the typical Indiegogo campaign in terms of what I put into it in order to get the most out the campaign.


  • I wanted to overcome the many hurdles of a typical Indiegogo campaign by offering a unique array of creative perks that will be exchanged for donations that clearly demonstrate how my art and music are inextricably entwined. I want people to believe that the kind of quality and creativity they see in these offerings is the kind of quality and creativity they will see in the final product.


  • I hope to make this campaign another successful chapter that I can share with you. Throughout this campaign I hope to make real connections with people, most of whom I've never meet before, so that I can bring value and meaning to their lives. I have an exciting schedule of updates planned to inspire and motivate you as we journey through this together.



Other Ways You Can Help:


Even if you can't contribute, that doesn't mean you can't help...


  • Make some noise about the campaign - share it with as many people as possible through telling friends, family and social media, email etc.

  • Remember to use the Indiegogo share tools that are located on the campaign page.

  • Tune into my Facebook Live videos and Concert Window gigs.

  • Like, comment, retweet and repost my updates to keep us motivated to keep going to achieve our goal.


I appreciate anything that you are willing to do for this campaign. Never stop chasing that dream.


Fear nothing, follow the music and love to all,

Elfin Bow x

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