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Re-release: Rainbows & Gallows EP

EB EP Artwork Online.jpg

Track Listing: Track 1 Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van (Elfin Bow) Track 2 Miles Away (Elfin Bow) Track 3 Mother Said (Elfin Bow)

About: Previously only available on Bandcamp, Elfin is unapologetically celebrating the strange bedfellows that are Joy and Tragedy, with three original songs that tell of great love, and the cracks that both promise, and threaten, to break that love wide open, now available on all digital and streaming platforms.

"Lyrically astute, melodically inventive and in possession of pure singing tones, an album full of intimate homespun charm and mystery." SHINDIG MAGAZINE

"An album that sets the mind thinking, the body moving and the spirit soaring. Elfin Bow is a rising star of the modern folk scene...She is clearly going to be one to watch in 2017" FATEA MAGAZINE

The Wisdom - Official Video

The Sleep of Reason - Live at The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool (Album Launch

Edith's Song at The Atkinson, Southport

Black is the Colour (Trad) at Thornton Hough Village Club

The First Red Leaf of Autumn - The Narrowboat Sessions

Acoustic Session for Bay TV (Second Half of Show)

Daffadilly Down at Thornton Hough Village Club

Who Knows Where the Time Goes at Folk on the Farm, Anglesey 

Elfin Bow Live Reviews:


‘It's safe to say that this coming Saturday with Elfin Bow is one of the most eagerly anticipated nights of the year at THVC. Those of you who are familiar with Elizabeth's work will know that this will be more of an event than a gig. She has form in this regard of course, as those who have witnessed her previous musical partnerships and work with Gary Edward Jones will know only too well. The beautiful snippets of music released so far as Elfin Bow suggest she has found her true voice and once word gets out we are expecting big things for the new Mrs Jones.’


‘Stunning performance by Elfin Bow tonight. Quite unlike anything we've ever experienced before. Elizabeth Anne Jones has created a visual and musical treat that is unique and beautiful. Can't wait to hear the album later this year. Thanks everyone who came along to share the experience.’


Thornton Hough Village Club


‘Thursday evening at the studio...we were joined by the beautiful, petite Elizabeth Anne Jones aka Elfin Bow Art and Music With her guitar and a bag of trusty notebooks, Elizabeth took us on a magical, musical journey through her life. Quietly composed she explained how she is overcoming her daily battle with illness through her art & music how she has found her own inimitable style and how she continues to experiment and grow. It was a blissful hour, the sun was setting and the birds sung an accompaniement to Elizabeth's beautiful voice. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your world and for imparting such up-lifting, motivational words. For those who missed the show we are in the process of editing a recording of this interview which we will post soon. Please check out the Elfin Bow website. We need to support our independent singer/songwriters’


Sheila & Russ, Café Journal, Mighty Southport Radio


'Elfin Bow's set was a complete thing; nothing needed adding and nothing needed taking away. Elizabeth's songs and performances have always contained love and passion and well observed commentary or messages, but now there is magic! Some mystical element that you just can't seem to grasp or identify, yet it is there. And it is there in spades! Gone are the nervous glances and the uncertainty. There is only confidence and belief and an immediate connection with the audience, that her personality makes impossible to resist.


If I had to, my best stab at categorising her music, would be 'psychedelic folk!' Midway through the set, I found myself yearning for a joss stick or two! Yet it is unfair to pigeonhole her music, because it is different. She is forging her own path, in a world full of pale facsimiles and clones of established artists. It is a breath of fresh air. Make no mistake, this girl is a creative inspiration. A little pixie of a thing, the name 'Elfin Bow' fits her like a glove and there is indeed an impish quality in her performance.'


Alan Rutherford, The Madhouse, Burton-on-Trent

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