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Song Profile: The Autumn Fall

Fall dreamily into the arms of Mother Nature with this ukulele-led song, inspired but the stunning colours of the hills and forests of North Wales, UK, where Elfin walks with her dog, Poppy. 




The Autumn Fall

The Autumn fall has begun
Leaves turning one by one
Walking forwards while looking back
A trail of white feathers on my path

Crack me open and bury me deep
Take my soul to the winters keep
Hold my heart in icy hands
While I wait for warmer lands

I choose to retreat
I choose to lie still
I choose the waiting, the waiting, the waiting

Video Credits: 


Filmed in Denbigh, North Wales, by Elfin Bow, with additional footage from Pexels and Pixabay.

Art Direction by Elfin Bow

Song recorded and produced by Elfin Bow

Mastered by Derek Smyth


Song Credits:


Lyrics and music by Elfin Bow

Ukulele, Piano, Bass and Vocals performed by Elfin Bow

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All photographs for The Wisdom by Michael Cusick Photography

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