Song Profile: The Wisdom

The Wisdom' is a song about finding your voice and having the confidence to be yourself in a world of people who are all too ready to tell you what to think, do and believe. It expresses the freedom felt when you learn to trust and believe in yourself.



Review by Mark Andrews


"By day teacher of Art, by night Elfin Bow; both alter-ego and superpower. An artist in the true sense. The gentle music belies a warrior spirit. A woman doing it her way. A case in point is that she has embarked upon an innovative way of funding her forthcoming album through donations (see her Indiegogo campaign), where the contributor helps her music to see the light of day but, in return, is gifted examples of her artistry. 


Elfin is releasing her new single and video. The song, The Wisdom, stands alone but this artist's penchant for storytelling means that the charming video is inextricably connected, helping to embellish the message of hope and triumph over adversity. It starts with the lugubrious strains of an acoustic guitar as mutant dream catchers dominate the screen. Then we see Elfin herself, with name and appearance in almost onomatopoeic collaboration. "I am not broken," she claims, with the fragility of an old soul who has faced grand challenges. In her art, Elfin describes being the master of herself and every aspect of this piece suggests an uncompromising stance. Unapologetically folk, lacking in any pretension; "this is what I do and hope you like it."


The song takes us on a voyage where plaintive and delicate music meet a tale of survival and subsequent triumph. All the time her endearing tone pricks the listener's intrigue, ensuring your ears are fixed until its conclusion. To be ignorant of the story makes it enigmatic, to be in possession makes it profound. Either way the result is compelling. 


Elfin Bow is the embodiment of the complete artistic and her latest offering showcases her talents perfectly. An artist you simultaneously want to keep to yourself and want everyone else to hear it at the same time." 



The Wisdom Lyrics: 


I walked the streets where ancients roamed on cobbled stone, on cobbled stone

And in the crack I saw a flower, life had grown, a flower had grown

Why do we make things complicated? Just be silent, a wisdom of old

It’s my own voice that has spoken and I’m not broken, if truth be told


He said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, far from the tree

And if I opened up my eyes then I would see, then I would see

He preached the word of God in the market, but I didn’t hear it, it left me cold

Said that if I didn’t believe him, I’d regret that I didn’t save my soul


I’m the jack-of-all-trades, master of none, master of none

But I’m the master of myself and time has gone and time has gone

Why do we make things complicated? Just be silent, a wisdom of old

It’s my own voice that has spoken and I’m not broken, if truth be told

Video Credits: 


Filmed on location at Lowther Castle and Gardens in Cumbria. and edited by Brian Roberts

Art Direction by Elfin Bow

Song recorded at Hound Dog Studios by Allan Crookes

Produced by Gary Edward Jones


Song Credits:


Lyrics and music by Elfin Bow

Guitar, vocals and brass arrangements by Elfin Bow

Bowed Bass by Oscar South

Backing vocals by Victoria Wasley and Muireann McDermott Long

Percussion by Daniel J. Logan

Trumpet by Charles Sweeney



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All photographs for The Wisdom by Michael Cusick Photography

Review by Shazney Spence


Elizabeth Anne Jones is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, full time visual artist and musician who goes by the name of Elfin Bow for all of her creative projects which are charged with imagination and creativity. Monday 13th June 2016 sees the release of Elfin Bow's single "The Wisdom"

The song comes from her debut album which is a compilation of 13 songs which aims to showcase this talented artists two passions; art and music. Furthermore, Elfin Bow shares a positive message of love and creativity with followers of her music bringing value and meaning to their lives through her art, lyrically and visually.

To help fund the debut album, Elfin Bow has started a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo. In order to facilitate this and make the project a success, you can donate to her crowdfunding campaign here.

There is a healing quality to this track which aligns completely with Elfin Bow's core values and mission as a visual artist and musician. This is a gentle track that delivers a strong message. This resonates with everyone who has been questioned on their ability to exercise judgment or rely on their own inner wisdom. It is a theme of global impact, a strong message delivered with poise and grace. It is about self-discovery, self-belief, trusting in your inner wisdom and guidance system. Having the confidence to be yourself. Read more....